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MiM is an End to End platform which is developed by Cornelius in early 2016 to support the connectivity of the beverage dispensing equipment.

The challenges were,

  • Get the marketing data.
  • Get the diagnostic data.
  • OTA firmware update.
  • Publish media to device.

Marmon looked at multiple platforms to solve these challenges and while there were many good platforms, none of them allowed our business the flexibility needed or the end to end solution that was required. The decision was made to create our own solution to service all of our Marmon companies. This allowed Marmon to create a multi-tenant system built from the ground up addressing scalability, GDPR and security out of the gate rather than an afterthought

Later 2019, Marmon has identified its capability and bring it up in Marmon level, to support other companies inside Marmon to solve their challenges related to IoT. In Jan 2019 MiM has moved from Cornelius to Marmon to support entire Marmon businesses.

In 2019 the Marmon innovation group has developed a platform to manage the inventories in a factory. Ever stock has been released in 2019, which is an automated inventory management system.

At the same time Marmon water business started looking at the platform to support their water softener businesses. In Jan 2020, Ecowater from Marmon water business, has developed Iqua app is available in the Apple and Google play stores. The Morton connected units have started shipping to Menards and are expected to start showing up in stores during the first or second week of February.

Angelo Po and Prince castle where the other businesses in food sector using Marmon to connect their Oven to MiM.

Customer Support

Each business has their "End consumer support" available, and they are in touch with MiM support team in case of any API or Device connectivity issues.


You are in safe hands, MiM DevOps team has good experience in IoT platform and services to fulfil your business requirements.


MiM will handle the connected device's security through the TLS certificates. MiM stores your data using industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

GDPR complaint

MiM was designed to be GDPR complaint from the beginning. Consumer data & PII are securely stored and encrypted meeting all requirements.


MiM has a API's to get your data back to your application. MiM follows RESTful API Designing guidelines & The best practices.


MiM has a good and easy to use documentations to support your application requirements. Look at out API & MQTT documentations.